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To request a new RMA or check the status of current RMA, please, complete the form below.

Special Notes:

  • We sell some limited edition items - especially shoes!  Before attempting a return, please check the website or contact us to ensure the item you would like to exchange for is in stock!
  • When returning shoes, please do not use the actual shoe box for shipping, please place inside another box.  Shoe boxes usually get destroyed in shipping.  
  • We can only accept exchanges for items in new and unworn condition.  A restocking fee will apply to used or damage items sent for exchange.

Where to find your order number:


Your order confirmation email will include the order number in the subject and the body as shown below:

Order number in email


Alternatively, if you have the invoice from your order (included in the package) your order number will be listed in the Fax field as shown below:

Order number in email

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