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Overstock Hoodies


Stock Up And Save!
Two or more just $9.99 each (best deal)

Selections are limited so duplicates, triplicates, etc. are not unlikely!

Product image is to show sample designs only - items are picked at random.

Please note - this is a clearance item, not eligible for returns or exchanges. No special requests are possible.

2XL - 4XL shirts have a $1.50 upcharge per item due to increased cost from the shirt vendors!

Grab a handful of hoodies! These are overstock and random hoodies, mostly overruns from wrestling tournaments we've designed apparel for. These were collected cleaning up our warehouse, and there are some demos, some overruns, and some that customers never picked up. We'll grab them at random out of our overstock bin and ship them out to you!

No special requests can be honored for specific styles or colors, and all sales on these are final.

Do yourself a favor and stock up, you can never have too many in your gear bag!

Note: No returns, no exchanges, all sales final! You may get the same design for some or all depending on availability!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
MORGAN Mitchell
The suspense was worth it!

My son loves his hoodie and not knowing what he was going to get was the best part!

Jeri S.
Fun surprises

My boys love getting an assorted grab bag of sweatshirts and t-shirts to practice in. It's always fun to see what was sent each time. Ordering was simple and easy, shipping and delivery were quick, and I have two happy wrestlers!


Perfect & arrived shockingly quick.👍🤘

Todd Wilson
Awesome overstock hoodies

I ordered one on a whim, and I love it. I ended up getting a hoodie from the 2019 Folkstyle Nationals, and I love it. It fits perfectly, and is very warm and heavy, which is good because I live in Ohio, and it is starting to get cold

Jacob walker
Over Stock

My son is a young wrestler and loves getting the over stock stuff from other clubs and tournaments. Its one of his favorite things to get and open to see what he has gotten. We have also done the singlets when they are on there, awesome deal.

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