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Get a Free $10 Gift Card!

We want to hear about your experience!  Just send us a short (20-50 second) video about your Blue Chip experience and we'll send you a Free Gift Card worth $10 off your next order at BlueChipWrestling.com!

Step 1 - Grab Your Device

We suggest using a smartphone or tablet that can record video.  Your iPhone, Android, tablet, or other device should do the trick.  If you're not familiar with video, you can record a test to get familiar with it!

Step 2 - Record your Video Review

The videos must be 20 - 50 seconds long.  We suggest getting a friend of family member to help you with the recording.  

The video should be short, informal, and fun!  Here are the requirements to be eligible for a gift card:

  1. Must mention our company name: Blue Chip Wrestling
  2. Must clearly show your face and the product you're reviewing
  3. Include feedback on the products you got and your experience working with Blue Chip


Step 3 - Send us the Video

Once you're done recording, just send the video in an email from the same device you recorded it on - please send the original video file you recorded.  You can send it to video@bluechipwrestling.com

Step 4 - Get your FREE $10 Credit to BlueChipWrestling.com!

As soon as we receive and review your video, we'll email you a credit for $10 that you can use on your next purchase!

We can't wait to hear from you!

Please note that by submitting your video to us, you consent for our unlimited use of the video, including derivatives thereof, in marketing and promotional activities in perpetuity.  By sending a video to video@bluechipwrestling.com you consent to these terms.  If you do not want your video to be used publicly please do not send it.